About Us

We have many satisfied customers who can attest to the high quality and taste of the cuisine here at Robata Japanese Steak House. If you have been craving authentic Japanese food, this is the place to be! We also serve your favorite hibachi and teriyaki dishes in addition to our tempura and flavorful Japanese soups like Udon, Nabeyaki, and Ramen. No matter what choice you make, you cannot go wrong because you will absolutely love anything which you try with us. Our servers will never steer you wrong. Just tell them what you are in the mood for and they will make suggestions based on that in mind.

If there are questions about any of the ingredients, you can be sure that we can answer all of your questions. Come in today and give us a try, we promise that when you are here at Robata Japanese Steak House, you will become an instant regular customer. That is how great the cuisine is. Stop in today so that you can become part of the Robata Japanese Steak House family of regular customers and you will soon be familiar with all of the best dishes we offer.